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Some Good Reviews So Far

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We’ve gotten some great reviews out the gate for our new and first full-length, Optimist, and I wanted to highlight a couple:

Zac Clark, aka @RockerTycoon, gave us a glowing review:

The Album starts with a ground and pound full force drum beat that wades into Guitar and then vocals. It’s a hell of a way to start an album and it certainly got my mojo rising. I was only fifteen seconds in. So now that I was awake, albeit drunk, I started writing down my first impressions and things that stuck out. Track 2 is called Drink to Forget. It’s a phrase, as a tender of bar, that I’m all too familiar with. I’m expecting something somber and inflective, hell maybe even down right sad. It’s starts out like that, with Billy poking jabs at 9-5ers and Lemonade cleanses, then something fucking awesome happens. Its all a rouse for a much tougher song. Guitar is everywhere. Billy Gray and Eduardo Garcia Garza bounce about on vocals and Sara Tomek reigns down sulfur and brimstone from the drums.

Track 6 is Catalyst. Again this song jumps right into the fray, this time with a pseudo-political fist. The chorus is pure rage, I’m talking basement show mosh-pit danger style rage.

Zac has a really interesting and funny writing style, worth keeping up with. He goes to lots of shows, and reviews the bands and their jams on his blog and for the JC Independent. We’ve been conspiring to throw a real riot of a show in Jersey City soon, most likely with Slaw, The Press, and the Frozen Gentlemen. Keep an eye out.

Jim Testa, the “Dean of Jersey zinesters”, writes:

Songs like “Tell Me How You Really Feel” and “Drink To Forget” segue from booty-shaking funk workouts to head-bopping Beatlesque bridges, while “Montclair” tones things down a notch for romantic reminiscence. Imagine Cheap Trick jamming with the Minutemen and you might get an idea of Ben Franklin’s potent pop/funk fusion. Turn it up, and get ready to dance.

Writing earlier about our live show in the Jersey City Independent, Jim writes:

It’s a big sound for a three-piece, especially when Garza and Gray start trading call-and-response vocals that fuse into spot-on harmonies on rockin’ anthems like “Tell Me How You Really Feel” or the politically pointed “Timmeh,” whose lyrics connect the dots between the financial shenanigans of the Federal Reserve and the plight of the contemporary working stiff.

We have vocal practice scheduled for Friday. Our harmonies are most definitely not spot-on, but thank you Jim!

I’m working on getting us some more reviews. If you know somebody who knows somebody who might not throw our nice screen-printed record in the garbage after you hand it to them, please let us know and we’ll send ’em one.


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October 19, 2009 at 4:33 pm

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