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The Public Option

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by Eddie Garza

When I started Ben Franklin with Billy, I had a goal in mind of using kick ass rock tunes to not only entertain, but to excite and educate people into some sort of action to change the direction in which we are all collectively heading. With rich white men at the helm, flying us into the sun.

But I quickly digress. My specific reason for posting this most serious of blog posts is because the fate of our future lies in how much stronger the will of the people is than that of big businesses. In this case, medical insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

I am lucky. I have good insurance through my work. My girlfriend isn’t as lucky. She can’t afford $250 a month for a plan that makes you pay $2000 minimum if you have to go to the ER. We are being gouged out of being able to have access to what could be some of the best medicine in the world, and are being denied the basic human right to be healthy.

In the next few weeks the senate will be deciding whether or not to kill the public option, with several Democrats on the fence  receiving handsome campaign contributions from the medicine for profit industry.

This is a list of all the contact info for all US Senators.

If you know and care about anyone who is uninsured, anyone who is in debt because they got sick or hurt, or anyone who has had a fight with an insurance company with questionable practices, take the 10 minutes to write or call your senator and talk to the people you care for about this.

And if this passes, who knows? Maybe he really will stop the wars someday…



Written by Ben Franklin

October 27, 2009 at 11:12 am

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