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Shows, New Tunes, Yet More Pictures

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Lots of news! Shows, some new music, and yet more pictures.

We have three shows this week. Asbury Park on Tuesday, NYC on Thursday and Friday. You have options; if you want the rock and roll, we will bring it. Tuesday night is a S*Alt night at Wonder Bar, and we’re playing with the fantastic Brook Pridemore. That shit is going to be good. He’s like a punk rock folk-soul revival.

Speaking of which, Eddie tell me he wants to make soul-punk jams! We think this is possibly what we are doing with the new stuff we’ve been writing. I suppose we shall see! We have these two new songs, “Urgency”, and “Team Work”, that we’ll be playing this week. They are the beginnings of a new writing push. We’re already working on what ought to come after the first record, trying new things.

Alright, enough with the A.D.D., back to the shows. On Thursday we are capping off the CD release show for Victor Bravo over at Lit Lounge in NYC. Dead Stars are playing before us as well, and they kick ass quite a bit. We’re on last at 11:15pm, so that probably really means 11:30. Lit is a fun, dark, dirty place. Protip: if your coat disappears from the couch it’s because one of the bouncers snagged it and took it to coat check. This is what we learned at the Frozen Gentlemen show last week.

On Friday we are opening up the Knocks From the Underground “compilation blowout showcase“! Basically, these folks go to a lot of shows, write about the bands, put together compilations, all kinds of good stuff. They’re pretty excellent and the other bands we’re playing with are great. They’ve been very supportive of us this last year and we’re looking forward to kicking out the jams for them. I’d like to say we’ll be the loudest band with the fewest people, but that honor will definitely go to the Courtesy Tier, who whip some serious ass.

So that compilation, we’re on it. We’re releasing the rough mix of “Smile”, which didn’t make it onto Optimist. It should be out Friday, will post a link so you can have a listen and check out the other bands on the comp as well. Like I said, it’s a rough mix, and very basic. We are planning to go back into the studio to record more parts, better vocals (I hope), and we’ll release the single properly after the new year. Hiroshi Kumagai is slated to be doing the cover artwork!

Ah, now here’s a bit of fun! I unearthed a recording of Eddie and I performing “Montclair” with a healthy amount of whisky in our blood. It’s endearing. Have a listen here.

Mr. Rocker Tycoon, Zac Clark, took some photos of his own the night of our show at The Delancey, of everyone who played including the iGods and Thomas Francis. Here’s a couple good ones of us:

If you have the Twitter, you can tune in @BenFranklinBK for our ramblings and nonsense and show announcements.


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November 8, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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