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Last Week was a Blast

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Last week we played three shows, bam-bam-bam. They went over really well, and we’re in pretty good form, if I may say so. We’ve been rehearsing, and writing the new material together, so it tends to have more character and strength than some of the older stuff. Also, there were more people waiting to see us perform at each of these gigs, and some word seems to be getting around, thanks to the help of some good friends, and fans. So, if you’re reading this, thanks for helping to make it so much fun for us! For us, half of What We Do consists of live performance, it’s the part of making our art that actually seals the deal. A work isn’t really ever complete, it’s got to be performed, and only in that performance is it ever in a state of quasi-completion, and it is, at least for me, what feels most excellent. The payoff.

Maybe that’s what it’s like to see your art hanging on the wall in a fancy place or at an art show? I wonder. Perhaps for some visual artists, it’s also more about getting there than being there. I suppose it all depends.

Anyway, we’ve basically “sold out” of all our CDs, with just a couple left, and we’ll need them so we can send them to important people who will throw them in the dust bin without a spin. The original run of screen prints is basically gone, the lot of them were snapped up by an enthusiastic (and surprisingly large) crowd at Wonder Bar on Tuesday night! So I’m deciding now whether to spend another day or two printing a second edition, or to just ship it out to a printer. I think the screen prints have served us really well, so I might just bite it. I think the second run will be for 500 copies.

Looks like we’re going to finish out our show for this year in New Jersey! On Saturday, December 5th, our friends The Invincible Gods will be throwing a righteous house party in East Brunswick, with a few bands playing, most likely there will be kegs, most likely they will ask you for $5 in exchange for a cup. Email us if you want the address, can’t post it online, the police in that area have a real hatred of people having fun and not bothering anybody.

After that, our last show for the year will be another righteous throw-down in Asbury Park by Mr. Billy O’Brien. He’s booked us with Skull Motion for PUNK NITE at Asbury Lanes, Wednesday Dec 16th.

I turned 29 today. Happy birthday to me, etc. Yes, I’m still doing this, I’m never going to fucking stop, and that will probably not be very impressive to tell people at the class reunion in a couple of weeks, but I’m happy nonethless.



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November 16, 2009 at 11:32 am

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