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Heaven is a Place

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Time for some news!

We will soon have the 2nd printing of our album Optimist ready for distribution. I managed to silk-screen 600 covers last weekend, the discs are on their way (legit replicants, and not CD-rs or whatever the fuck they’re called at this point). So, we’ll cut up some more lyric sheets and start taking orders. Optimist will be selling for $5 here on out. If you can’t catch up with us at a show to pick up a copy, send us an email for a mail order or hit up this page to download it in whole or in part.

The show last Saturday at the iGods’ house, HEAVEN, was so much fun. One of those, “wow, this is why I do this,” kinda nights. Billy O’Brien’s Sounds of the American Doomsday Cult, The Invincible Gods / Tina Turner Overdrive, and Thomas Francis Takes His Chances all put on really fun, intense rock and roll shows. Punk. Fucking. Rock. There were even mohawks in the audience.

The theme of the show/party was 1993, so some of us conspired to play covers. Without any rehearsal what-so-ever we took a stab at Smashing Pumpkins’ “Zero”, which was a lot of fun for all us late-20-somethings and totally lost on the kids. There’s something incredible about screaming “Intoxicated! With a madness!” Oh, the melodrama, it drips with sweat. The iGods dropped “Possum Kingdom” by Toadies, and I think that’s when we all lost our voices and control of ourselves. Can’t thank them enough for having invited us. Especially since that was Sarah’s first ever basement show (wtf!?!)

We are now determined to learn Backslider. Next show, it’s on! They’ve unleashed a monster.

Sarah is currently out on a four-day tour with her other band Cavalier Rose, and I believe they’re playing in Pittsburgh tonight, so much love to them, go check it out if you’re local to any of the stops.

Our last show for the year will at Asbury Lanes, bringing us back to the Jersey shore. This show is sponsored by Shore Alternative and Bands On a Budget, and features us alongside Skull Motion (I intend on being at very least rowdy drunk for this), The Amboys, and Pinelands.

We have a few things in the works for 2010 already, but nothing finalized yet. Some rad NYC shows and our first real ventures outside the greater NY area. Check back soon for dates and such.

“In my heart, there is a heaven!”



Written by Ben Franklin

December 9, 2009 at 7:06 pm

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