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Merry Christmas, Y’all

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Feliz Navidad!

It’s been an awesome year for us. So while I wait to get going to some large family rumpus over on Staten Island, now’s not a bad time to recap and say, “thanks.”

We’re only about a year old, and haven’t been playing with Sarah for a year, yet. Our first show together was in February of this year. Five months and a couple of shows later we started recording our first album, released it in September, and we’ve played some excellent shows.

All that’s been done with a lot of support and encouragement from our close friends and loved ones. It’s no easy thang when you’re working for the man every day, and then you come home and it’s off to rehearsal or a show. You don’t get to see your loved ones quite so much.

Thanks also go to the fans, friends, bands, promoters and venues who’ve gone out of their way to help us. Folks like you are few and far between, especially when it comes to bands. Bands can be pretty clique-y. Thanks in no particular order to Bret Morgan, Bands on a Budget, The Invincible Gods, Frozen Gentlemen, DJ Dancing Tony, Jenn Schwartz and Una Pong, Deivis, Alan Smith, Black Sheep Records, Alexis Rondeau for helping us assemble all those album packages right before the release show, Daniel Schlett (who engineered and mixed OPTIMIST), Hudson County Pigeon Club, Gary Laurie Esq., Roger Quinn (who mastered OPTIMIST), Dead Stars, Eisenhower, The Imperialists (you’re so missed!), Becky Firesheets and Will Bryant and Knocks from the Underground, the boys from The Press, The Courtesy Tier, Larry Hyland and Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Billy O’Brien, Shore Alternative, Wonderbar, and Asbury Lanes.

Here’s looking forward to an excellent new year. Let’s get excited and make things!

Post Script:

You really should check out Black Water. My former band mates from The Meltdowns have started a new group, they’ve got a lot of badass tunes, and a new record coming out in January, I believe. Their single, “Into the Wild,” on their homepage, is one of the best songs Adam’s written to date, and I expect we’ll see even better on the upcoming release.

And since we have no Christmas music for you this year, I submit to you “Yule Tide”, The Meltdowns’ Christmas carol. Enjoy!


Update: Guh, I left out Jim Testa and Zac Clark! And Thai who runs Habitat and plays our record in there all the time.


Written by Ben Franklin

December 25, 2009 at 1:02 pm

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