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Looks Like We Made It

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Not in the Totally Made It™ sense, of course, but it looks like we all made it to the other side, in as few pieces as possible. Hooray, 2010, good bye decade of fuck-y’all. I’m looking forward to lots of new music. I caught my friend Greg Petronzi’s band Ippazzi last Saturday at the Mercury Lounge for the release of their new record. Phenomenal show, really. Greg is a virtuoso guitar player, Elliot is an amazing singer, the band is wicked good. I don’t usually like anything that has even the smell of R&B, but there’s no denying that they are awesome, I had a great time, that shit is on my portable music device (no free ads, here).

Let’s see… Spoon will be releasing Transference any day now, if memory serves. “Written In Reverse” is an incredibly bad-ass single to lead with, looking forward to this quite a bit. And hopefully Autolux will be finally releasing their new record, although based on a message to their mailing list, it sounded like they didn’t have all the details worked out as of a month or two ago, so perhaps not. These things take time to coordinate.

Black Water is releasing their first record soonish! No word on a date, yet, just lots of status updates from Señor Copeland. He has some kind of kaleido-internet-status-gun, which he points at his computer and the poor machine, in a fit of terror, then posts whatever Adam has in his brain onto every social network out there. So that’s how you keep up with them. Or their Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Porchistas just filmed a music video for The PBR Song, and have set their record release date to Fri Feb 12th at Tierney’s Tavern.

I missed the CD release show because I contracted the plague, but Tris McCall has released Let the Night Fall, which he recorded over the course of 2009 and got some glowing reviews. I need to send that man $7 and get myself a copy.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming shows, lots of booking in the works, as well as new tunes.



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January 5, 2010 at 11:18 am

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