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Leaving Love Notes

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As previously mentioned, the show at the Kearny Irish American Club was a blast. Mike and the gang from Killing Horse Records were really gracious hosts, booked a great show, turned out a ton of people, and it was mad fun. We even got paid well!

This was also our first show of the new year, with the new copies of Optimist, and we actually ended up selling quite a few of them before the show even began. Thanks to all those people kind enough to pick up a copy! Turns out many people look at it and assume it’s a demo. A natural assumption, I suppose, but a little surprising, nonetheless.

We also made friends with a great band, Invisible Lines, who are a lot of fun and really damn good, and managed to have three guitars going at once, tightly. Rumor has it we’ll be doing another show with them at Maxwell’s in the coming months. More on that when we get some details. There’s a date reserved, that’s what we know so far.

We tried something new at this show – we actually set up a merch table. It was somewhat self-service. We piled a bunch of copies of the record there with a note about $5 for each. We also left a notepad in lieu of a mailing list, and instead of writing “put your email here” at the top, we wrote: “leave us a note!” and left a pen. And then we left the table alone until after we played, later, last of the evening, after everything went kablooey.

This little experiment resulted in lots of people coming up to us with cash-in-hand to pay for discs (as opposed to just walking away with them on the sly). And the notes! We will share here. I am unsure whether this is grossly self-serving or not, but people left us these nice bits of fan mail and I think it constitutes truly organic recommendations! Are these more valuable than clever quotes from reviews? Anyway, I think it would be cool to share with anybody else following along, so here we go, reproduced as faithfully as possible to the originals:

Hey Ben Franklin, I loved the Poor Man’s Almanac & your great kite flying! P.S. Awesome Tunes!

Hi guys thanks so much for coming out! You guys kick ass! – Mike Sylvia [booked the show!]

I think the turky should have Been the National Bird TOO!


Heard the recordings, saw the show… I’ve been blown away!! – Mike Martello

Sweet ass! – “Gus The Plumer”

Fuckin sick!!! Color me a new fan especially of your Drummer … H. O. T. !!!

drummer has nice socks! – renee H.

FUCKIN HYSTERICAL! SICKKKKKK – ❤ Grace [lovely signature]

Fucking AWESOME Hit me up with the show dates [email redacted]

We’ll have to do more of this in the future, you people are awesome.



Written by Ben Franklin

February 27, 2010 at 2:36 pm

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