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Drunken Sufis, New Madrid Faults, and Exit Clov

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I came across Drunken Sufis this afternoon. I’d seen the name before, but I hadn’t ever heard them. Check this shit out. Extremely bad-ass, extremely current events punk rock. It’s hysterical, and mean, and perfect. Obviously, I find much in kin with their tune “Bailout” (listen to our bailout song Credit Default Swap Bop here), but I’m just really impressed that these guys are so driven as to write, rehearse and record reasonably well a pile of songs about current events and politics.

You can get their latest release Americans Fuck on iTunes, or as their website says, much to my amusement:

just download the entire record free and steve jobs gets no lobster for dinner… Sufis- Americans

I wonder when Steve Jobs will come to the realization that he is, in the eyes of many, many people, a Huge Tool?

And to go in an entirely different direction, I came across Exit Clov, a band that Mr. Henry from The Press made known to me. It’s just incredible pop music. I have a sweet tooth, to be sure, but this is absolutely lovely song writing, really beautiful dreamy pop music. I just ordered their full-length debut, Memento Mori, as I couldn’t help myself.

Finally, we had the fantastic New Madrid Faults come join us at our show at Matchless last week. If you missed them, you missed one of the best bands with whom we’ve had the pleasure of performing. These young’ins are something very special. And they remind me of something I used to see a lot more of – indie/diy rock bands getting their jam on, in really beautiful, dramatic fashion. I highly recommend you get in touch with them and ask for a copy of Concerning Small Town.


Written by Ben Franklin

March 21, 2010 at 5:03 pm

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