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We Got A Blip In Modern Drummer

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In the Modern Drummer Wire/newsletter:

Editorial Director Adam Budofsky

We had the storm of a lifetime here in New Jersey a couple Saturdays ago–record rainfall, trees ripping down power lines all over–which of course meant that I had a gig two hours from my house, down the shore. Somehow the roof didn’t get blown off Asbury Lanes, and after I pried my fingers from the steering wheel and dashed my gear inside while nervously watching the twelve-foot bowling-pin sign sway off its hinges, the gig ended up going okay. The best part of the night, though, besides playing a pretty good set and taking advantage of the THREE drink tickets (did I mention Asbury Lanes is now my favorite place to play?), was that I got to see an absolutely awesome band called Ben Franklin, featuring drummer SARAH TOMEK. BF is an intense, extremely tight, dramatic power-pop trio with a bit of a Gang Of Four/Fugazi influence, and Tomek brings all kinds of personality and chops to their material. I picked up their full-length CD, Optimist, at the show, and have been playing it nonstop since. Actually, I should be kinda pissed at Sarah; she made my drums sound way better than I did that night, and now I have to woodshed all this stuff so the poor kit can feel its true potential to rock again. Oh well, it could be worse. I could have ended up in the hospital trying to explain how I got wounded by a twelve-foot flying bowling pin. Check out Ben Franklin at

We met Adam at the Asbury Lanes show a couple of weeks back. His band Una Pong is awesome.


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March 23, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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