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I shit you not:

Hi I am the organizer of a sex group in the city that has been running for about 6 months. It is based off the movie Deception (without the movie plot line LOL).. Basically at any given time after 6pm-9pm Monday – Saturday, you get a call and all that is said is “Are you free tonight” from the opposite sex. If you are, you answer yes and meet at a hotel of choice from the caller. At this time we are not accepting bi-males. Only straight or bi-females and straight males. The quality of people in this club are SUPER high. These are model caliber individuals. We have currently 6 females and 10 males and we are looking to increase the group size so there are new people. We are basically all just F&*ing each other LOL. So here is the situation. We are looking for about 2 more guys and about 3-4 females. Please rememeber that the standards are super high. Anyone interested, please send photo and stats. The first photo can be g-rated and a face pic is not required. After passing the initial screening of just the body, further correspondence will occur via email. Thank you. And please for everyone’s sake if you are not very fit and hot, do NOT email and waste our time. Thanks again.


Sounds like a really good time.


Written by Ben Franklin

April 14, 2010 at 10:38 am

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