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There’s a lot going on in our little world, figured I’d run down some interesting stuff while I’ve got a spare cycle:

Ben Franklin has been asked by a small label in NJ to record a 7″! Real vinyl! So far the plan is to record it in our lair on the Jersey shore with Adam Copeland in the control room, engineering and mixing the thing, late Summer. Hopefully it will see a release in the Fall.

We’re working steadily, if slowly, on a lot of new material. Most of which will likely not see the light of day until it’s time to throw a Big Friggin Show. We’ll be playing sporadically over the next few months so we have the space to do that. We’ll be posting an upcoming and overdue NYC date shortly!

If you haven’t heard it yet, go download Adam’s new record with his band Black Water, it’s free, it’s on the Internet, and it’s really goddamn good. Download Disasters here. Official release of the physical album happens June 11th at the Boro Six fest in Montclair. The record not only sounds great, with great writing, but is remarkably well-made for a DIY job.

Our drummer Sarah can be seen all over town kicking it with Hussle Club and Cavalier Rose! The latter band will be recording a full-length record this July.

I [Billy] am playing guitar for John Walsh’s new project Max Sabre. Project is in the incubation stage, but it’s pretty far along. John has a bunch of songs, we’re wrecking them putting the final touches on them and building out a full set. It’s extremely, extremely aggressive music, with really fantastic lyric and vocal writing, looking forward to making this happen live. It sounds very dire. I think it will make you want to rock out (rather than run away, which is what most aggro- type stuff I see these days makes me want to do)

I’m also playing guitar and writing for another project: Gönül and What Army. This is in the very early incubation stage, we’re actually starting out by building a repertoire of Other People’s Songs while we start to write our own. We already have two bassists and two keyboardists, so we’re on our way.

Ah, yes, we’re also looking for a second guitar player. Someone who’s really confident in their playing, is willing to learn a large body of material with a lot of nit-picking, but also a lot of involvement in the writing process. if that someone is you, or if you know somebody who should apply.

[ Holy crap, there is an absolutely terrifying rain and wind storm going on here in north Brooklyn. It’s blowing side ways, changing direction, beating the sides of building with what look like air-born waves of water. ]


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May 3, 2010 at 3:56 pm

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