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Summer’s Over

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It just came and went…. Cliché, I know, but I think most simple expressions of wonderment sound that way. We can certainly beat the dead metaphor further into the grave: this Summer came and went like a distant relative’s constantly shifting racial biases! Or not: it flew by, it sped past, it’s always going somewhere, isn’t it? But the radiation from the great fireball in the sky is always blasting out into space in all directions. Summer never ends, it’s we who are moving so fast.

In Ben Franklin -land, lots of things are happening of late.

As mentioned elsewhere briefly, we’re adding a new member to our merry band. We’re keeping His identity secret (it must not be spoken!) until our show at Tierney’s in Montclair on the second of October. We had a rehearsal last night that was explosive. I want to carry on about how everything sounds now, as it’s significantly different than before, but I can’t find a way to do it without sounding like an idiot so I’ll stick to show and tell.

That show on Oct 2 deserves some further mention: we’re playing with Black Water, which we’ve not done before. Three of their characters were my old bandmates in The Meltdowns, and we’re really excited to be on the bill with them. It’s kinda like a punk rock reunion. Or perhaps a CHALLENGE MATCH! Sentimental, I know, but there are a few Meltdowns fans lurking out there, and I thought they’d like to know. The Micks are opening the night up for us, and I’m really looking forward to hearing their raucous garage pop, it’s been a bit too long, and I hear they’ve got a bassist now. Cleaning up the whole mess that evening will be Mr. Alan Smith and his proudly-PBR-swilling Porchistas! It’s going to be quite a scene.

I told Matty McMick that we wouldn’t be playing any Meltdowns tunes, but this wasn’t entirely true, we’ll be playing “Smile,” a tune I’ve not been able to let go of yet. We’ve finally got a good recording of it for the upcoming release.

The four songs we’ve been hacking on for the Urgency 7″ are done as far as recording goes. I think. Probably one more round of review on that score, but I think we finally got there on Sunday. Then we have to hit it with a bag of hammers (also known as mixing), and send it out for mastering. I’d like to do an online release first, and then put out the vinyl whenever it’s ready. Gives us some time to actually get the tunes out there and build some interest, with any luck.

There’s an intensity and attention to detail put into these recordings that strikes a new level for us, and it’s very hard to sit on the recordings unmixed and unmastered. I’m very proud of how hard we’ve worked on it, and taken aback by how little time was spent on our previous releases. The further we get from the last record, the less comfortable I am using it to represent who we are, to say nothing of booking. It doesn’t suck booking on Optimist, it’s actually been easier than past experience, but I think we all feel a strong desire to see if we can get out of the bush leagues.

Pixies’ “Gouge Away” is the perfect song for this weather, when the wind starts to cut through your clothes, starts to feel its way inside your seams. Go for a walk outside and listen to it on your Walkman.


Written by Ben Franklin

September 21, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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