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Demo: The Pits

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Backyard Chillin

Sometimes we make demos for songs we’re working on to share amongst ourselves. Often they are just a means for fleshing things out for ourselves, but sometimes we use them to share a template of an idea, etc. Sometimes it’s easier to describe how you want something to sound by spending an afternoon putting it together in a tangible form (e.g. instead of saying “something pretty goes here”, just write something pretty, record it, and see if it works).

Anyway, we played a new tune last night at Lucky’s called The Pits, and I’ve got a half-decent demo to share. This is months old, the lyrics of the third verse are now used on the second (the entire second verse lyrics sucked, imho), and I think I’ve got a much better third verse going now. Some of the music changed a bit, but this is a good approximation of the tune itself, with somewhat ridiculous backing vocals. I’m looking forward to seeing what it turns into next year when we get back to recording again. We’ve got a lot of music on deck for 2011.


The Pits (Demo).mp3



Written by Ben Franklin

November 24, 2010 at 1:23 pm

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