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On Unanswered Invitations: Be Not Discouraged

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This is mostly shop-talk for our friends who are also musicians, and their bands.

I was recently collaborating with someone in order to promote a show, and we had this exchange where I told him what I was getting up to, and making some suggestions, something like this:

Yo, I’m gonna hit up these people

Jack Rock Writer
John Rock Writer
Jill Rock Writer

And I think you should hit up these folks…

Anyway, the response I got back was pretty positive, but dismissive of a couple of my really dependable rock writers, because they allegedly, “always say they are going to come but never show.”

Now, maybe that’s been true for him/her so far. Fine. But my perspective is way different, having been doing this a bit longer (I think), and knowing the very same folks pretty well. When I fail to personally get in touch with Jack, John, or Jill Rock Writer about a show, and they don’t see it on Facebook (happens a lot…), and they don’t see it on Twitter (happens a lot…), and they never opened the mailing list email I sent (guaranteed)…. Do you see where I’m going with this? When they find out a couple of days later after the show that I didn’t personally tell them about it, I actually get emails of reprimand and reproach!

Alright, maybe not butt-hurt, but I do get a little poke to the tune of, “hey, why didn’t you tell me about that show? love you guys!” They expect a text or a personal message of some sort from me, and happily, they don’t like being left out.

Anyway, don’t be discouraged. Reach out and touch someone. And there’s probably lots of folks you know who merit an invite to your shows directly, don’t just rely on them seeing it float by in the Facebook feed, that does not fucking ork. Obviously, don’t over-do it, but that’s for pontificating at a later date.

This all reminds me: I have some correspondence to attend.



Written by Ben Franklin

January 7, 2011 at 3:54 pm

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