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Evil Mischief — Smart Business

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Sometimes a band comes up with the right combination of smart business drive and the intuition of not taking oneself too seriously, and those are the ones that usually move ahead and attract real interest. Ben Franklin (the band) has those ingredients down pat. With several recorded experiments bulging under their belts, including their latest 7-inch vinyl product, Urgency, it looks like they have more than just an incredible set of faux historic tales to tell. This band seems to have the right ingredients of talent and evil mischief up their beer-soaked sleeves, and that combination puts a cynical smirk on my face.

John Pfeiffer, writing in The Aquarian Weekly, gave us one of the best write-ups we’ve yet seen. Growing up on the Jersey coast, if you were into live music and playing in bands and what-not, you always picked up the Aquarian. To see who’s playing, to send in a classified for a bassist, and once in a while you’d try to get the paper’s attention for your own music.

Achievement: Unlocked! Only took 15 years.

There’s a short bit in there cracking wise about how some of us are from Brooklyn, but this faux pas can be excused by such and such. It’s funny, but I still wonder what’s up with that? It’s both cool and cliché to be living here. Like it makes you a carpet-bagger and probably a “hipster douchebag.” I’m not a carpet-bagger myself, but I’ll take your poor, unwashed masses from the crumbling mid-west. Leave the miles of crumbling highways and strip malls behind, the city needs you!

Minor aside: when people seriously use the word hipster to describe someone (or a large mass of unspecified someones), I have trouble listening to the restof what they have to say. That’s just, like, your opinion, man.


P.S. There’s drugs in that photo.

Written by Ben Franklin

March 19, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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  1. There’s drugs in EVERY photo of us. They are INSIDE us.


    March 22, 2011 at 1:14 am

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