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Strippers and Cake

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Been a bit too long since we updated the blogospheric antenna and sent out some radio waves. The record release show at CakeShopNYC (2/25) was really phenomenal, and we can’t thank those of you who came enough for making it such a success. Same goes for the other three bands who helped us keep the place packed all night: The Gay Blades, The Press, and I Am The Heat. All the bands got paid well thanks to the great draw (a real first for a few of us), and everyone had a blast. Oh, and we sold some records! Big thanks to the Killing Horse Records family and friends for doing such a great job helping us to promote this show, turn out the crew, and even working the damn merch table for us slack artists. Last but not least, thanks to Kerry Divine, Bat-Sheva Guez, and Gönül Aksoy for being our battery of back-up singers at rather last-minute notice.

As the night went on, the crowd got pretty wild, with a couple of instigators starting a kind of sweaty-dance-mosh pit in front of the stage during our set. After the microphone stand went all linoleum-carver on the back of my hand, Ryan from Killing Horse and a couple of others formed a small wall in front of the stage to try and keep people from crashing into it. Poor Adam and Eddie got trounced a few times, too, but we had a lot of fun.

It was a huge relief, to be quite honest, because we promised Cake a pretty wild and well-attended night, and begged The Press to help us land a bigger fish for the bill to help convince the club to give us a Friday night. That was months and months prior, and the following months were spent hectically promoting the event, writing to people we didn’t know about the new record coming out, scrambling to help figure out where and how we could get the pressing printed on time for the show, etc. I was super-stressed about the possibility that the night could just be a huge bust, and that we’d just never, ever get out of the Busch leagues. Which is a little ridiculous in retrospect (the worrying, I mean). Getting that evening together was a lot of work, but it was more than worth it, and a lot of fun.

Zac Clark has a great review of how the night went down, along with mad pics, video, and the tale of a trip to see some tail at the strip club after the show with I Am the Heat. Here’s a select few of Zac’s pics featuring of our favorite people getting all sweaty and smiling:




Stand by for more bloggery, news, upcoming shows, etc.



Written by Ben Franklin

March 19, 2011 at 1:18 pm

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