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FRI APR 8 Double Header!

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Nov 17th at Bruar Falls, by Steve Ferrara at

A double-header is generally not something a band should do, but we ain’t scurred. We saw the opportunity and decided to plan a rare evening of entertainment, dear friend, and you just show up when you can. Early in the eve, we’re playing in a record store, all Stones honky tonk style. Later that night we’re playing all loud and proud, all of it in North Brooklyn.

On Friday, April 8th, at 7pm, we’ll be performing a semi-acoustic set of tunes new and old that we don’t often play, or have never played, at an in-store appearance at Permanent Records! It’s absolutely free, it’s right here in Greenpoint, at 181 Franklin St. If you could make it to this part of the evening it would be a big deal, help us get some people in that record store. Also, we have these 7″s, man.

Later that evening, we’ll be cranking up the amps and getting sweaty with The Press at Bruar Falls, over on 245 Grand St. Last time we played there we had a lot of fun with y’all, so if you can’t make it out to the record store, don’t miss this part of the night, guaranteed dance party. Starting at 9pm, the bill for the evening is Suddenland, KNTRLR (EP release!), The Press, and BF.

I highly recommend you show up at 9pm, because Suddenland is fantastic. I’ll link it again, give that shit a spin! KNTRLR is Mike Henry (frontman, The Press)’s solo project, a Mike Patton-esque series of sea chanties and ambient techno pop that will blow your mind. The Press themselves (who are all frontmen, really) are an incredibly bad-ass post-punk type thing. Pop-prog-punk! They make me feel like I don’t work nearly hard enough. At anything. Especially drinking. In fact, if you want to hear something really crazy, listen to their tune “The Red Comes Ringing.” That shit is nuts, and it’s not even their new stuff.

See you there? RSVP: Permanent Records at 7pm, Bruar Falls at 9pm.


Written by Ben Franklin

March 28, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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