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Yes, I know we artists are all supposed to gratefully pay the sound guy and the door guy out of the money we and our compatriots on a bill bring in from our fans at the door, and I always do so because I’m not a jerk, but let’s be honest: it’s a way for clubs to avoid paying their own employees, plain and simple. They make a shit-ton of money off booze when we play their bar, and they wouldn’t be making that shit-ton if we didn’t bring all those people in. If we didn’t do the massive PR, or spend weeks of exhausting back and forth messaging to line up the perfect night to make sure we bring a ton of people out. Last I checked, we don’t get a cut of the bar, especially when we run a free show. Somehow the sound guy gets paid, though! It must be magic.


Updating to add that, yes, I know that some bands make this necessary, because they don’t draw. But I’ve just seen way too many free shows full of people where the bar makes plenty of money and manages to pay the sound guy, somehow. So if a band is drawing well, and making money at the door, and bringing all those people to your bar to spend money buying your booze, get your hand out of their stash, pay the door guy yourself (or let us run it), and say, “thanks,” for once.


Written by Ben Franklin

March 28, 2011 at 9:36 am

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