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Photo by Gönül Aksoy

Dear friends, we’ve got a pretty fantastic (FREE) show here in Brooklyn coming up that we’re really excited about. Here’s the line-up, in order of appearance:

  1. Black Water
  2. I Am The Heat
  3. Yours Truly
  4. The O>Matics

I just caught Black Water’s set at Lucky 7 in JC on Tuesday, it was phenomenal. It was like a late 70s punk band meets ripping rock band kicking mo-town songs with a lot of post-punk groovin’. Their lead singer is our dear Adam, and holy crap, he’s been writing some fucking songs. They are on first; do not miss it, you will regret it!

I Am The Heat is just a shit-ton of fun. Kevin will probably take off his pants—and he’s a nuts bass player. The band plays super-tight and catchy dance punk anthems, and their fans are pretty nuts, too. Guaranteed good time, now 25% more than ever!

The O>Matics are a nuts pop band that really loves to twist things around and it’s a real blast. I’ve wanted to see these guys for some time, and I’m excited that it’s going to be at our show, they are going to be the perfect closer for the night.

So there you have it: Show at Matchless, Friday April 29th. 21+, Black Water will probably kick things off at 8:30, since there’s a strict 12am cut-off for the musics.

Cover: still working that out, but it will be quite affordable. Free!


Written by Ben Franklin

April 14, 2011 at 11:50 pm

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