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Who’s Entitled Here?

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It’s amazing that the top 1% in this country can dare to talk about “entitlements” when describing insurance programs (Social Security, Medicare) we schmucks pay into to avoid being completely destitute in old age, mostly because our elite have set up an inhumane system of existence and survival that ensures this will be the case for the great many of us. Who’s got the skewed sense of entitlement? Surely not our Ivy elite. Let’s just bet it all on the horses, let the smartest guys in the world take care of us.

Fuck work, fuck all these bastards, and fuck their crazy “system“:

This though, is that good, home-cooked psychopathy; it is the global-gulag mentality demonstrated at its uttermost absurdity; it posits the human condition as a work camp; empty toil is better than unemployment insurance; a society universally engaged in moving piles of sand from place to place is preferable to a mere 80% engaged in real work.  Of course that 80% is charitable.  A lot of the workers are engaged in fake work.  The point is that there are more people than available work.  The solution?  Impoverish the entire society, thereby making its trinkets cheaper to . . . someone?  Germany?  Anyway, more people will then buy its Sancho Panza plush dolls; the plush-doll sector will boom, putting more people to work in the sweatshops.  At least they won’t be idle! That would be absurd!


Written by Ben Franklin

August 6, 2011 at 10:35 am

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