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Cluster Cascade

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We made some new friends with the band Meet/Pause not too long ago. Of the group of bands known as Tiny Giant Artist Collective (to which we’ve been added as honorary clown members), they put on a really enigmatic set at McCormick’s when we were there. Singer and guitar player Scott Thompson is one of those rather sweet and clever smart-alecks who’s got a great strut. Earlier this week, on Aug 2nd, they released a brand new EP, Cluster Cascade. It’s really, really good. A release covered in pretty and badass guitars, it’s great to hear a band that isn’t metal or hardcore and still knows how to rock a palm-mute once in a while, and the song-writing is earnest and full of depth. Certainly owes a bit to New Jersey emo, for sure, but I wouldn’t call this emo.  Give all five tunes a listen, don’t miss out on the closer, “Coworkers.” It’s that kind of record, you want to know what he’s been up to; there is animation in this man’s world.



Written by Ben Franklin

August 7, 2011 at 11:43 am

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