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Summer Shows! EP Releases and Municipal Mischief

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Hello, Princess

So we’re doing a couple of shows this Summer, despite that whole no-shows thing. The idea was that it was high time for us to stop trying to put together our own shows for the next few months, as we’re not a headliner, and work on our act and wait for something good to come along. Some good things came a long! How about that. A bit about each below:

  • Tues Aug 16th—The Mercury Lounge, NYC
  • Fri Aug 19th—Asbury Lanes, NJ
  • Wed Aug 24th—Groove on Grove, Jersey City

The Mercury Lounge gig is a big deal for us. I’ll just wear my heart on my sleeve and say it’s one of those places you hope to get into but don’t know how or whom will help you, but you know you want to play there on any night and really impress them (those phantoms that need impressing, who probably won’t be there) so that maybe you can be the opener next time a national or international act  is coming through town. I mean, I’ve seen worse bands open for Art Brut, but saying that doesn’t necessarily get your foot in the door. Doesn’t matter how good you are, you need to show a pretty big draw to impress the Serious Booking Phantoms.

Aaaaaanyway. The gig itself is actually a benefit for a fellow named Tim Strazza, who’s been diagnosed with MS and may not be able to handle the medical bills long enough to survive. The band The Everymen has put this evening together for their friend Tim, and they asked us to play. All the proceeds from the door/tickets go to Tim after the club takes its cut. There are tickets on sale! They expect this show to sell out to friends and family, so go pick up a pair now. FB event page here. One band on the bill isn’t being named yet. Secrets! I have no idea why, but they are a rather good, up-and-coming act here in NYC. We’re on at 9pm.

Asbury Lanes (Fri Aug 19th)—This is the release show for The Amboys’ new EP, Led Into The Woods. I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m really excited and honored that we were asked to participate. I love these guys, they’re great musicians and song-writers, and their material just keeps getting better and better. It’s a Friday night in Asbury Park, it’s going to be a lovely time, some come on out and dance in them bowling shoes. There’s an event page on Facebook, I imagine they’ll be posting links to the released record on the date of the show, so Like it or some such and keep an eye out.

Groove on Grove  (Wed Aug 24th)—This is going to be hard fucking core Groove on Grove night, as we’re playing with our label mates ¡No Pasaran! I hear the rich new neighbors have been complaining to the town about the not-very-loud live music events and farmer’s markets in downtown Jersey City’s public space created just for that purpose with the cooperation of the local developers. Damn shame, these events have been going on forever and have helped create some life and community in the area. And the music is usually over by 8pm; some people gotta hate. If you’re a JC local, help support the arts and community activism, all you have to do is be there with your smile and enjoy a beautiful evening in the square by the PATH train, usually kicks off at 6pm. If you want to take it a step further, sign the petition to protect events at Grove Pointe, and you’ll be added to a mailing list so you’ll know when to go to the city council meeting and tell them what kind of city you want to live in, and that you vote.


Written by Ben Franklin

August 7, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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