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Tuesday: A Night to Fight at Mercury Lounge

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Dear friends, we’re playing a special show this Tuesday night, August 16th, at Mercury Lounge in NYC. In this reminder post let me recount what’s so freaking special:

Yours truly, Ben Franklin, has OUTFITS! Costumes you could even call them. It’s a start down the path of getting weirder and weirder as we relax our creative sphincters together and shit gets real. Poorly chosen metaphor, agreed, but we’ve got a seriously fun show planned for you.

Somebody is dying! Not really. Not yet. Hopefully not yet, but we could use your help to make sure that it doesn’t happen until he gets good and old and is ready to go home to Space Dad. The Everymen asked us to play this show because their good friend Tim Strazza has come down with MS, and the proceeds are going to help Tim pay for his medical care, which is very expensive, and you know how well our healthcare system works. Rush Limbaugh goes to Costa Rica, where they have Soshulist healthcare and everyone is happy. If you are Soshulist with a heart, and you can’t make this show, but you’d like to throw Tim a few bucks you can do so right here.

DINOSAUR FEATHERS is playing! That’s the special guest that we’ve been talking about and now we can name names, takes faces. They are a really good, up-and-coming Brooklyn act, some people say THE NEXT BIG THING! Give their new tune a listen, it’s fucking fantastic.



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August 14, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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